Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Swimming lessons Room7

For 6 weeks room 7 has been swimming at Wai Splash. We go down to the pools by going in the bus. My tutor is Lorna. My favourite swimming style is freestyle. I liked doing diving but sometimes I belly flop. I have never missed one swimming day because I love swimming because freestyle is getting better and better. When we went for the first time I was scared. I did n’t know how to tumble turn but after a few weeks I could do it. I am in the swimming sports but I am a bit nervous. I entered the freestyle and the backstroke but not breaststroke or butterfly. I am happy about doing my swimming lessons because it helped me to improve.
In my group, Lorna told us to start doing freestyle. I was first to start. I started to kick really hard then used my arms. When I came back I was so tired that I had to slow down a little bit. I was getting to the end… and I touched the wall. The next stroke was backstroke. Again I was first and started to kick. I then used my arms and I… OUCH! I hit my toe on the lane rope. Then lorna said I needed to not slow down and keep going.
My swimming lessons have been great for me because I have improved my fitness and my strokes. Now I know that I am more confident in, out and around the water. Some examples are… if I was stuck in a rip at the beach I could do some freestyle to shore. Another example is if I went to the pools and got stuck in the deep end and I could not touch the bottom I could do backstroke and breath stroke if I get tired.

By Lana 

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